Laying here in a “nature pod” on the bottom of the world, something that is still difficult to wrap my head around, Kate is already asleep and the events of the last couple of months are going through my head. This time two months ago I was working for a digital agency creating a new website for Heineken. I thought it sounded like fun when I took the job but by the end of the contract, due to them being understaffed and over-promised, I was having a stress response to every slack notification. A little increase in heart rate and a, “what is it now?” Everyone in the pipeline was feeling the effects and it made for a less-than-ideal work environment. When I finished the project, with a week to spare, I couldn’t wait to get out of there and jump into my next role.

I’ve just finished my first month at RS. We’d had this trip to Tasmania planned for months and I was a little worried about having to ask for two days off in my first month on the job. That was before I really got to know the team and got a better feel for the culture being created here. The collaborative nature, general positive attitude, and joy for what we’re building makes me look forward to working every day. The knowledge that what we’re building brings fun, happiness, and positive connections just makes it that much better. After being around the team a bit, I knew asking for the days off would be met with excitement, recommendations, well-wishes, even a willingness to tie up a loose end instead of exasperation, something that was greatly appreciated.

This past Thursday was a travel day for us. I was still checking slack out of habit and was oddly disappointed because it was a lighter day in terms of messages being sent and I missed talking to everyone. It’s amazing what a difference a more positive culture and proper project management can make.

So this is mainly a gratitude post, thank you to everyone on the team. You’ve all made my first month one for the books. Here’s to many more.



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